iOS 9 on my iPad Air 

Here is the all new slide over feature……(there is no split screen feature on IPad Air)

The all new “notes” app with these features-

Turn lists into checklists.
Add bullets with a tap to create checklists. Make a grocery list, a wish list or a to-do list — and tick off items as you go.

Sketch your thoughts.
Use the tip of your finger to draw straight in your note. A selection of drawing tools lets you choose different brush styles and colours. And a handy ruler helps you keep things straight.

Note it with a photo.
Now you can take a photo from within the Notes app. Or tap to access your photo library and add an existing photo or video to a note.

The new multitasking screen looks way cooler than the older one…

Camera app has some added modes(HDR,Panorama)

Siri is now even more intelligent,with better replies and sometimes funny too 



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