Google I/O 2016 in a Nutshell!!!

1.GOOGLE HOME:  It is basically a smart home gadget like Amazon Echo, You can:

  •    Use it as a Bluetooth speaker
  • Look up information on google
  • Do basic things like calling a cab,book a ticket etc

2.ANDROID N’s NAME: You have to suggest a name to google here


  • JIT compiler
  • Vulcan API
  • Device security
  • Seamless Software update
  • Better Multi Tasking
  • Multi window
  • Better Notifications

4.GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Googles new personal assistant

5.ALLO:It is google’s new messenging app with Google now built in and other new features

6.DUO: It is google’s new video conferencing app which works seamlessly in weaker network connections.It is has a new feature Knock-Knock.

7.ANDROID INSTANT APPS:The basic idea is simple: when you click on a link, if that link has an associated Instant App at the URL you get a tiny version of that app instead of the website,It works because developers can “modularize” their apps so they only serve you the parts that you need for whatever you clicked on — points on a map, a video, some home listings, a payment system, or whatever.IT IS THE BEST FEATURE INTRODUCED BY GOOGLE.

8.DAYDREAMING:Helps experiencing VR on a phone

9.ANDROID WEAR 2.0 is introduced



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