POKEMON GO IN INDIA !!! Everything you need to know:::

Pokemon is not officially released in India but you can download the APK file for android which seems to be working perfectly fine……..
While playing Pokemon Go you have to take care about a few things:

  1. The Game will crash continuously due to unstable Indian internet ..
  2. You have to take care while playing it near Indian Roads because Most Indians have a habit of breaking traffic rules ,so you are likely to get into an accident…..
  3. This  game drains a lot of battery..

I have playing this game for quite a few days and I was amazed to see how well the GPS mechanism of the game worked!!

I am not a Pokemon fan but playing this game was good experience altogether.
And I think you should try this game too, it is a different concept of gaming

Also you have to take care while downloading the APK file as due to the popularity of this game some games uploaded on the Internet are infected with malware……..


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