PS4 Pro Review!

With PlayStation 4 pro Sony is trying to step into a new midrange territory with new and upgraded version of its successful gaming console,The PlayStation 4.The Performance of the PS4 pro can range from good to underwhelming depending on the game and the kind of display you are playing on.On paper the PlayStation pro is […]

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Microsoft Surface Studio All-In-One

Microsoft has finally announced an imaginative new all-in-one PC for design and creative professionals, the Surface Studio. This new ultra-premium device combines incredibly powerful hardware with specific optimisations in Windows 10 in a stunning metal body. One of its most notable features is a new peripheral, the Surface Dial, which gives Surface Pen users a way to […]

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FIFA 17 review 

  Being consistently good can bring its own problems. Among the highlight gameplay changes in this year’s FIFA we have: better throw-ins, low driven shots, and the ability to control the ball from a long keeper kick. Welcome improvements, sure, but still, pity the guy making them sound exciting in the press release. Maybe that’s […]

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Google Allo is Out!!

You can now install the new chatting app from Google called “Allo”,Which is being considered as the new WhatsApp killer, from the playstore It has a ton of new features like Google’s New AI chatbot Google Assistant,which can be accessed in real-time while having a chat with your friend just by typing @google and then […]

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PS4 Pro Is it worth it?…….

As expected, Sony  unveiled its new, more powerful PlayStation console, which is called PlayStation 4 Pro. It will launch on November 10, 2016 and cost $399/£349/A$560. The console will complement the standard PS4 and sit alongside it. The name was picked to show that it is part of the current version of the console, but […]

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